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Beyond Business Coaching

Competitive, Agile, Responsible, Entrepreneurial, Sustainable 

Services that recognize the resource constraints of MSMEs


Business Coaching:

  • By qualified and successful entrepreneurs and leaders with practical expertise in business

  • We specialize in coaching in industrial and manufacturing operations of all sizes

  • We coach business leaders and their senior and middle management teams

Industry Mentorship:

  • Specialized mentorship to meet your specific technical and business needs, by experts in their fields

  • We provide technical mentorship to operational teams

Peer and Group Mentorship:

  • To maximize learning and networking within and across disciplines​


Business Analysis:

  • Business Diagnostic - Gain a deep understanding of your business' character, strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Best Practice Benchmarking - Gain important competitive insight into your business practices and how they stand relative to the best performer

Business Support:

  • Process Improvement - By qualified and experienced personnel

Business Assurance:

  • Critical System Implementation and Assurance (ISO, STOW) - For credibility, penetration, export and growth. Specially negotiated rates for Small Businesses.

Training & Development

Competency Management:

  • Track and assess the skills available to your business

Customized Training

  • Training selected to meet the specific needs of your business

Training in the following areas:

  • Business Management Skills - Convenient, down to earth and practical

  • Leadership and Supervisory Skills  -In a way that is convenient, on-the-job and builds engagement and teams

  • Complementary Skills - The ones that are essential, but you tend to overlook (Have you sharpened your Agility and Decision-Making Skills?)

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Skills for Engineers and Technicians

  • Technical Sales and Client Support

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