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Special Rates!

  ISO Certifications for
SME Penetration and Growth

(ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO14001)

Specially Negotiated Rates for a Limited Time!


What's this about?

Compliance Certification is usually associated with export. But more and more, local businesses are expecting compliance as a supplier entry requirement.

This is a challenge for SMEs. Compliance certification is resource consuming. It takes time, manpower and no small amount of money!

SMEs may feel under-resourced for such an undertaking, but here's the benefit!

Even before export, achieving compliance pushes businesses to get organized! This results in improved productivity and reduced costs.

The International Standards Organization, as an objective, globally recognized third party, provides your customers with confidence and assurance of your company's worthiness. Together, ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 say that your operations are managed consistently with safety and environment in focus.

Your business gains a competitive edge that naturally results in improved business performance (including greater productivity and reduced costs), enhanced brand recognition, market access or deeper penetration and business growth! BONUS! You are ready for export!


Can you afford to continue without Compliance Certification?






Partner with us to:

  • Implement critical currently in-demand ISO-compliant systems - Quality, Safety and Environment Management Systems with ISOs standards.

  • Pursue 1 to 3 ISO certifications, relevant to your business, in one skilfully coordinated effort! 

  • Be ready for certification in 9 months to a year (potentially shorter depending on your business configuration and your effort).





  • Improved efficiency and productivity.

  • Increased control over costs, safety and environmental performance.

  • Enhanced brand recognition.

  • Improved Customer comfort and assurance.

  • Increased growth potential due to increased market access and export potential.

  • An important differentiator that provides a competitive advantage over companies with similar products and services.


Who is this for?

  • SMEs that see the opportunity in the current circumstances and are willing to navigate the constraints with eyes firmly trained on the future.

  • SMEs that are serious about reputation, brand and gaining the competitive edge to increase market access, target export and grow.

  • SMEs looking to gain control and consistency in their operations, so as to reduce costs and improve productivity, quality, safety and environmental impact.

  • SMEs that are looking to add value to their offerings.

  • SMEs looking to improve Customer trust, comfort and assurance.


If you are serious about ISO implementation and certification,



For Large companies ...


Interested in pursuing ISO certification?

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